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About Us

Patient & Family
entered Therapy

As a women-owned clinic focused on collaboration, education and wellness, our goal at GO! is to individualize our therapy to meet the needs and abilities of each patient. We treat individuals throughout all stages of life (birth - adult), who are experiencing difficulty engaging in necessary and meaningful daily activities. When you walk through the door at GO! We hope you feel at home; a place to safely explore, a place to be supported and cared for, a place to play, and a place where you're known and valued. We see the light in each of our patients and strive to help them shine a little brighter each day.

Our Vision


To create opportunities for all to flourish. 

Our Mission


To improve the quality of life for our patients and families by personalizing our services to meet the needs and abilities of each individual while providing a creative, collaborative, and innovative approach to therapy that is strengths-based, family-centered and holistic.

What We Value



We provide the tools needed for our patients to flourish. Excellence is striving for a greater quality of life, knowing that setbacks happen on the way. The effort, will and desire to learn is how we define excellence. This happens in supportive partnerships between patient, caregiver and practitioner.


We actively involve caregivers in sessions and provide teachable moments so new skills are carried over to other environments. Therapists work alongside one-another, providing interdisciplinary treatment and creative solutions for the best possible patient outcomes.



We empower our patients, caregivers and employees with holistic wellness education and lifestyle goals that enable them to achieve their best possible health.



We believe you’re never too old for fun. Whether you are 1 or 99, our therapists often use the therapeutic powers of play to encourage patients to prevent or resolve difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development. 



We engage in hands-on education, teaching patients and caregivers necessary skills and strategies for successful carryover to all environments. We strive to educate our community on neuro-diversity and inclusion, and promote continued learning opportunities for practitioners in order to deliver cutting edge interventions and strategies to serve our patients well.

Our Philosophy of Care


We are committed to a deep and holistic approach to focus and specialize on each individual’s STRENGTHS and ABILITY versus one aspect of a disability or limitation. We try to unearth multiple layers of what our patients may be experiencing –not just symptoms experienced on the surface. We investigate internal and environmental factors that may hinder or facilitate what FLOURISHING looks like for each person.

diversity, equity & Inclusion

​ Equity Statement To build an equitable practice and meet the nuanced needs of our patients, we affirm and celebrate all kinds of diversity at GO! Therapy, including neurodivergence, cultural, linguistic, racial, gender identity and expression, neurological, and socioeconomic diversity. Providing the best for our clients, therefore, necessitates a broad workplace representation and commitment to celebrating differences on local, regional, and national levels. We acknowledge the need to continually grow and implement more inclusive, responsive practices and are committed to this as a clinic, now and into the future. ​ How We Live It Out At the Clinic: Providing the highest quality therapy requires a group of clinicians who work together to understand and embrace multiple backgrounds and perspectives. Therefore, we are actively recruiting to broaden our workplace representation so we can continue to holistically honor and serve our clients and expand representation in our therapy fields. We understand therapy fees can be a barrier to health access for some patients. In an effort to serve all socioeconomic populations, GO! Therapy accepts private as well as state funded insurance. For those without insurance, a sliding fee scale is available to determine a manageable price. In Our Community: We initiate and support ability and inclusion advocacy efforts. We offer trainings that build awareness and empathetic skills for working with kids who have sensory needs. A Systemic Impact: GO! staff members serve on legislative committees to advocate for developmental considerations when promoting mental health initiatives. Via podcast, we disseminate stories, ideas, and research to inform parents, professionals, and patients about equity in general and neurodivergence in particular.

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