After a combined 10 years in the therapy field, two local women continued to have a nagging feeling that something was missing from the therapy they were providing.  There seemed to be gaps, more that could be done, others that we could work with. They soon became frustrated with running into the same problems over and over and were unable to fix them in their current positions.  They finally decided, “We can do better,” and an idea was born. 


Jenny and Brenna had been working together for two years and continued to run into the same complications over and over.  Their patients were not making the progress they had hoped for and finally enough was enough. Jenny and Brenna began months of planning and dreaming.  The stars aligned and what had been a 5 year plan, quickly became a 5 month plan. Jenny and Brenna soon discovered that one missing piece of the puzzle was occupational therapy.  They enlisted the advice of an occupational therapist to navigate how to collaborate speech and occupational therapy. They quickly discovered that this collaboration was the missing piece of a much larger picture and created their own therapy clinic.  


GO! Therapy’s mission is to provide more functional and innovative therapy to their patients in a much more collaborative and homey environment. The foundation of GO Therapy is to focus and specialize on each individual’s strengths and ABILITY vs one aspect of a disability or limitation. Therapy is individualized to meet each person where they are currently functioning and expand from that point.


We are far from completing or fulfilling our mission.  Our team continues to dream, and aspires to grow beyond our current walls. We have dreams to provide more to the amazing community we serve.  We have dreams to continue to collaborate with our colleagues (both within and outside of our professions). And we want to continue to educate anyone who will listen along the way. 


We are overwhelmed by the support from first and foremost our families for supporting us with creating our missing, for our patients and families for trusting us with your care, Megan Willett (for providing our first GO Home), River of Life Church (for providing our new GO Home), The Chamber of Commerce, Hometown Bank, and from the people of St. Peter in general that have helped make our dream come to light. GO! Therapy is thrilled to call St. Peter home.