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Occupational Therapy for Adults

Our therapists are passionate about empowering you or your loved one to live their life to its fullest following injury, illness or disability.

What is Occupational Therapy?

We often do not recognize the importance of our everyday occupations, until they become disrupted by illness, injury or disability.  Our occupations involve our daily self cares, household and/or job related activities, and valued leisure activities.  If your occupations become difficult to complete due to illness, injury or disability; an occupational therapist can work with you and your family to help adapt, modify, or re-learn your occupations in order to increase your independence and quality of life.

Who Can Benefit From Occupational Therapy?

  • Persons that have experienced a brain injury (stroke, concussion, traumatic brain injury)

  • Persons that have experienced a decline in cognitive skills (due to disability or age)

  • Persons that have a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease

  • Persons that have a mental health condition that impacts their ability to function on a daily basis

  • Persons that have a diagnosis that has impacted their ability to complete their basic daily self-cares, work related activities or hobbies