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GO!'s Namesake

Explore our clinic name and therapy philosophy.

It’s a hot summer – you feel me? I’m talking crispy grass, sweat above the lip, and heat that reminds me how grateful I am they no longer make seat belt buckles out of metal. Though the temps may not please all, certain garden plants thrive in the heat and humidity – think hot peppers, sunflowers, green beans, basil, and more. And as the summer progresses, the heat will taper, the sun will wake up later in the morning, and go to rest earlier at night. Autumn isn’t a time for tomatoes and magnolias to parade their greatness anymore because the environment will be suited to help other plants thrive.

Gardeners know, just as many parents intuitively know, for something to flourish, it requires proper environment and care. At GO! Therapy, patients and parents come to us because something is impeding their experience of daily thriving. Just like a horticultural specialist would do, we investigate internal and environmental factors that may hinder or facilitate what flourishing looks like for each person.

We try to unearth multiple layers of what our patients may be experiencing – not just symptoms experienced on the surface, but also following the stem to find its root(s). This takes time and attentiveness. In-step with our commitment to a deep and holistic approach is something very simple and you hear it all the time in our clinic: GO.

What’s in a name? Well, a lot for us at GO! Therapy.

“GO” is not only a perfect word to suggest our active, play-based approach to therapy; it also stands for Growing Orchids.

Compared to most other plants, orchids can be tricky to cultivate. Think of a dandelion surfacing from the most ridiculously small crack in the sidewalk, trampled on by many and untended to by any gardener I’ve ever met…and still, they grow in plenty – we’ve all seen them and blinked in marvel at their persistence.

Orchids, though, are different. To grow an orchid takes just the right soil, sufficient support, the proper type and amount of light, the perfect dose of nutrients with perfectly timed feedings.

There are areas in all our lives that are like dandelions – they take very little tending in order to shine. At GO, we love to notice and affirm these sweet spots; we are also equipped to administer and teach about the care it takes to grow the areas that are more like orchids. Orchids take work, and therapy is hard work, too.

But, my goodness, is an orchid ever beautiful and worthy of attention.

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