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Brenna: Brilliant, Respectful, Energetic, Natural, Nurturing, & Admirable



I am proud to introduce Brenna Hoisington, a Co-Owner of GO! Therapy!  If you didn't notice, I listed several words after "Brenna" and each starts with a letter represented in her name.   I want to tell you more about the beautiful person I am lucky to call my partner, my cousin, & one of my best friends, Brenna Hoisington.


Brilliant:  She won't admit to this, but I see it every day.  Brenna will ask me, "Jenny, will you watch that video swallow study and see what you think?"   I gladly review and my reply is always the same, "spot on Brenna!"  She is observant, inquisitive & can solve problems easily.  


Respectful: Brenna is able to see all individuals as unique and special people, but she is also able to recognize the similarities that we all share.  She will teach you the Irish Jig, but she will want you to teach her the Tango, if that is where your roots lie.  The dance may be different, but the passion is equal.  


Energetic:  Brenna is full of energy and her motivation is inspiring.  She will be your biggest cheerleader, advocate, supporter, & defender; if you should ever need it!  


Natural:  Brenna makes interacting with children look like, well, child's play.  She is able to forfeit the apprehension most adults feel, which limits how well they are able to connect with children.  Is it embarrassment or have we as adults just forgotten how to play?  Either way, Brenna will easily guide you along on her adventure through Never Never Land.   


Nurturing:  Brenna's parenting style would best be described as "Attachment Parenting."  She loves nothing more in this entire world than BABIES!!!  Brenna loves her own babies, Adli & Nova, but she also loves both of her sister's babies, and her brother's babies, and her cousin's babies, and YOUR babies.  Do you get the point...SHE LOVES BABIES!  The term "babies" is Brenna's and applies to ALL children.


Admirable:   I admire all the things above about Brenna, but most of all, I love her compassion.  She will listen to you and instead of judging, will reflect on how difficult that situation must be.  For example, a single mom/dad may tell Brenna that she/he often lets her/his child watch videos on a tablet after school while mom/dad is working on supper.  Brenna will express her empathy with the mother/father, as she knows very well how fast the ship can sink when there isn't a captain AND a skipper on duty.


There is one final letter, which you could see in a sentence like, "Is that Brenna's food?"  Ah, yes the letter S!  I want to leave you with a final word that completes this picture of Brenna...


SASSY:  That's right!  She is smart, sophisticated (okay, sometimes;), & always making us laugh.  If you give her a hard time, you better expect it back, and she's a little competitive too...


There you have it, just a few reasons Brenna Hoisington should be celebrated!  You can also read her professional biography on our website by following the link.  












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Brenna: Brilliant, Respectful, Energetic, Natural, Nurturing, & Admirable

February 24, 2017

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